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Cheap DIY Decking

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About of DIY Composite Decking

WPC decking material is a new type of environmentally, eco friendly and energy-saving composite materials, substitute for wood. our decking have wood texture design, with the features of simple, natural and beauty.

We have different color can be option,We can customize different colors and sizes according to customer requirements

Characteristics Of WPC DIY Decking

1. Water and moisture resistance. The characteristic completely solve the problem that wooden materials easily decay, expand and deform. Therefore it can be used in many environment where traditional wooden materials can not be applied.
2. Colorful, many colors for option. Embodied with the sense of natural wood and wood texture, the color can also be customized according to clients different requirements.
3. High plasticity. It can easily be made for different personal styles, fully reflecting personality style.
4. Easy to install. There is no need for complicated construction process, saving installation time.

Productos Model :

STY-01 / STY-02 / STY-03 / STY-04 /...

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Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product


Cheap WPC Decking Product

STY-09 (600X300MM)


We offers unique design on outdoor decoration to various WPC products.
You can design any color or size for your need.