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Fifth Edition - Medherb Green Pages – 2007 - India and the Netherlands

From the Desk of Editor

Chapter-1: H.S. Codes
Chapter-2: Exports of Medicinal Plants (2004-05)
Chapter-3: Drug Import Regulation
Chapter-4: Value Addition
Chapter-5: Intellectual Property Rights
•    Introduction
•    The Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005
•    Competent Authority for International Patent Application
•    Addresses of Intellectual Property Offices
•    Designs Wing of the Patent Office
    -    Trade Marks Registry
    -    Geographical Indications Registry
Chapter-6: Medherb Information
•    The Netherlands-India Chamber of Commerce & Trade
•    Notifications
•    Offices of State/union Territory Medicinal Plants Boards
•    Prohibited/negative List of Medicinal Plants For Exports
Chapter-7: Special Features
    •    Henna
    •    Isabgol
    •    Jatropha
    •    Senna
    •    Suppliers of Henna, Isabgol, Jatropha & Senna
Chapter-8: Stakeholders Directory
    •    Cultivators
    •    Dealers, Exporters & Importers
    •    Exporters, Extractors & Manufacturers
    •    Organizations
    •    Herbal Medicine Distributors

Chapter-1: Photographs of Raw Drugs
Chapter-2: Name of Medicinal Plants
    •    (Botanical/English/Indian/Nederland’s)
    •    Index

Chapter-1: The Netherlands
    •    Chambers of Commerce
    •    Plant Sciences Group and Applied Plant Research
Chapter-2: European Union and India
Chapter-3: EU Guidelines for Herbal Products
Chapter-4: Trade of Natural Ingredients for Industries in the European Union (EU)
Chapter-5: Plants in Cultivation and Trade
    •    Tab. 1-3 List of Cultivation/Production of Herbs in the Netherlands
    •    Tab. 4-5 List of Most Tradable Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the Netherlands
    •    Index of Botanical, English, Indian & Nederlands
Chapter-6:    Stakeholders Directory

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