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Second Edition - Medherb Green Pages – 2004 - India and Nepal

From the Desk of Editor
Medherb Green Pages 2004: A Curtain Raiser

Chapter-1: Exim Policy (2002-07)
Chapter-2: H.S. Codes
Chapter-3: Exports of Medicinal Plants
    •    Exports Data (2001-02)
    •    Medicinal Plants Export: Trends (1997-2002)
    •    Graphs of Exports
Chapter-4: Regulatory Framework
    •    Export Regulations
    •    Import Regulations
    •    Prohibited/Negative List of Medicinal Plants
    •    Exports of Medicinal Plants under L.P.C.
Chapter-5: Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter-6: Good Manufacturing Practices (Amended)
Chapter-7: National Medicinal Plants Board
    •    Preamble
    •    Promotional & Commercial Schemes
    •    Preparation & Submission of Proposal
    •    Terms & Conditions
    •    Addresses of State/UT Medicinal Plants Board
    •    Cultivation Economics of Some Medicinal Plants
Chapter-8: Standards on Crude Drugs
Chapter-9: Special Features
    a)    Isabgol
        •    Map of Isabgol’s Trading Centers
        •    Photograph of Isabgol
        •    Graphs of Isabgol Exports
        •    About Isabgol
        •    Exports Statistics (2001-02)
        •    Isabgol Traders Directory
    b) Senna
        •    Map of Senna’s Trading Centers
        •    About Senna
        •    Photograph of Senna
        •    Graph of Senna Exports
        •    Exports Statistics (2001-02)
        •    Senna Traders Directory
Chapter-10:     Stakeholders Directory
    •    Map of Medicinal Plants Trading Centers
    •    Cultivators
    •    Dealers/Suppliers/Traders

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