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Third Edition - Aroma Green Pages – 2014 - India and China (Part I)

From the desk of editor
Photographs of China Visit
Thanks and Acknowledgment

Section 1 - [India]
Major Producing Centers of Essential Oils and their Allied Products
Chapter 1: The Adulteration of Essential Oils and its Consequences to Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery Practice
Chapter 2: India's Exports of Essential Oils and Allied Products
    •    Exports of essential oils and allied products (2012-13)
    •    Commodity-wise quantity and value of exports (2012-13)
    •    Country-wise value of exports of essential oils and allied products (2012-13)
    •    Top 20 Countries: India's export of essential oils and allied products (2012-13)
    •    India's exports trend of essential oils and allied products (2008-13)
    •    Export data (2012-13) and trends (2008-2013) of individual commodities
Chapter 3: Cedarwood, Cedrus deodara
Chapter 4: Rare and Threatened Plant & Animals in the Aroma Industry
Chapter 5: Stakeholders Directory
    •    Dealers and Suppliers of Aromatic Crude Drugs
    •    Manufacturers of Essential Oils, Attar, Perfumery, Fragrance and Flavor
    •    Manufacturers of Herbal Cosmetic and Incense Stick (Agarbatti) Products

Section 2 - [Aromatic Plants and Spices]
Chapter 1: Photographs of Aromatic Plants and Spices
    •    Photograph of Aromatic Raw Herbs
    •    Photograph of Aromatic Live Plants
    •    Photograph of Aromatic Spices
Chapter 2: List of Aromatic Plants and Spices
    •    Index of Chinese, English and Indian Names
    •    Index of Botanical Names

Section 3 - [China]
China Map and Chinese Alphabets & Language Summary
Chapter 1: Status and Development of China's Aroma Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
Chapter 2: Most Tradable Essential Oils of China
Chapter 3: Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globules
Chapter 4: Stakeholders Directory
    •    Dealers, Exporters, Extractors, Importers, Manufactures

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