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First Edition - Aroma Green Pages – 2012 - India  and France

Message from Phytolia, France
Comments on Medherb book series
Glimpses of Food Ingredients Europe & Natural ingredients (Fi & Ni) 2011 held in Paris

Section 1 (India)
Chapter 1: Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre at a glance
Chapter 2: Harmonised System (HS) Codes of Culinary Herbs, Essential Oils and Allied Products
Chapter 3: India's Exports of Essential Oils and Allied products
    •    Exports of essential oils and allied products (2010-11)
    •    Commodity-wise quantity and value of exports (2010-11 )
    •    Country-wise value of exports of essential oils and allied products (2010-11)
    •    Top 20 Countries: India's export of essential oils and allied products (2010-11)
    •    India's exports trend of essential oil and allied products (2007-11)
    •    Export data (2010-2011) and trends (2007-2011) of individual commodities
Chapter 4: Attar, an art of Indian perfumes
Chapter 5: Sandalwood Oil, base oil for natural perfumes
Chapter 6: Vetiver Oil, a cooling aroma
Chapter 7: Stakeholders Directory
    •    Abbreviations
    •    Dealers and Suppliers of Aromatic Crude Drugs
    •    Manufacturers of Essential Oil, Attar, Perfumery, Fragrance and Flavour
    •    Manufacturers of Herbal Cosmetic Product and Incense Stick (Agarbatti)

Section 2 (Aromatic Plants and Culinary Herbs)
Chapter 1: Photographs of Raw Herb and Live Plant
    •    Photographs of Aromatic Raw Herb
    •    Photographs of Aromatic Live Plant
    •    Photographs of Aromatic Culinary Herb
Chapter 2: List of Aromatic Plants and Culinary Herbs
    •    a) Index of English, French and Indian Names
    •    b) Index of Botanical Names

Section 3 (France)
Photographs of The International Perfume Museum, Grasse
Photographs of Editor's visit to aroma industry stakeholders, France
PRODAROM, National Association of Fragrance Manufacturers
Chapter 1: Grasse, where the world's best perfumes originate
Chapter 2: Chamomille Oil, Chamomilla recutita
Chapter 3: Lavender Oil, Lavandula angustifolia
Chapter 4: Processing & Extraction Methods to Produce Essential Oils
Chapter 5: List of Aromatic Plants and Culinary Herbs used by Industry
Chapter 6: Stakeholders Directory
    •    Cultivators of Aromatic Plant
    •    Essential Oil Manufacturers
    •    Manufacturers of Fragrance and Flavour
    •    Organisations (Association & Cooperative, R&D)
    •    Suppliers of Aromatic Raw Material

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