Rawal Medherbs Consultants LLP

About Us

Our vision is to cater to the information needs of the herbal sector and provide up-to-date and authentic information on various aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants industry. RMCPL specializes in market information on herbs & their allied products with special focus on sourcing, outsourcing and marketing. We provide unrivaled expertise in the area of market intelligence and the state of art studies on nearly all aspects of medicinal and aromatic plants. The Company is devoted to providing thorough, in-depth, and complete trade data analysis while continuing to innovate and constantly offer new perspectives on the herbal industry.

Our consulting services involve a wide range of activities, including the preparation of reports and market studies. We assure customized, quality service based on best practices and produce exceptional results for a wide variety of clients. They may be cultivators, extractors, formulation developers or traders. Today RMCPL is a leading independent service provider of herb and herbs-related consultancy to a wide range of clients some part of Asia and Europe. We specialize in preparation of reports by analyzing authentic data from market to meet the specific needs of clients.

Our clients include a number of most prestigious organizations public and private. Our primary clients include international R & D organizations, funding agencies, government ministries, leading & prominent herbs producers, project developers, suppliers & exporters of herbs & their allied products, industry associations, as well as other members of the herbal sector community.

Our staff consists of full-time employees of the company with experience from prestigious government R&D institutes. We believe that our services are outstanding because our market surveyors have direct link and precise bonding with stakeholder's i.e. Forest department, Cultivators, Suppliers, Importers-Exporters, R&D institutes, Laboratories etc. We also maintain close working relationships with government and non-government organizations which enable us to provide very authentic and bona fide information.